• Item #: M-9926-M5090
  • Manufacturer: Ford Performance


    • 90 MM Billet Aluminum Throttle Body
    • Fits 2011-2014 Mustang GT/ 2012-2013 Boss 302 with stock 80mm throttle body
    • CFM Rating:1132cfm; with adapter 1101cfm (stock 80mm throttle body: 913cfm)*
    • 4″ diameter leading edge larger than stock throttle body – requires use of 4″ ID silicone hose adapter or reducer
    • 4″ air inlet tube is recommended for maximum horsepower
    • When using factory 3.5″ diameter air inlet tube the molded rubber throttle body hose must be removed
    • Ford Racing’s performance electronic throttle bodies are for vehicles equipped with electronic throttle control (ETC)
    • Includes jumper harness
  • Does not include calibration, calibration required.

All Ford Racing ETC throttle bodies feature:

  • All factory sensors installed – no need to tear apart your original throttle body
  • Calibrated for idle air flow using the same procedure as production throttle bodies
  • Throttle body features CNC’d Ford Racing logo
  • Precision billet construction with tapered inlet for consistent high flow
  • Validation through hundreds of hours of dyno, racing, and street performance driving
  • Polished aluminum for great looks


Adapter: M-9474-M50 for OEM Mustang GT 5.0L 4V TiVCT intake

Adapter: M-9474-M50B for Ford Racing Boss intake M-9424-M50BR


Adapter M-9474-M50 rotates throttle body approximately 15 degrees counter clockwise

Engine cover M-9680-M50 covers throttle body on 5.0L 4V Ti-VCT intake

Boss intake M-9424-M50BR can be port matched to accept throttle body without adapter, requires custom gasket/RTV

*All cfm ratings are calibrated at 28-inches of water, measured on SuperFlow SF-1020 Flow Bench.