Axle & Differential Vent Kit – Mustang (Universal) – PRO


  • Item #: RR-4022-PRO
  • Manufacturer: KohR Motorsports


Prevent your axle and diff from dumping gear oil all over the rear of your car.

Many track day drivers have noticed oil on the rear axle of the Mustang when driven hard.  This can lead to a mess as well as a serious safety issue.  Oil can get onto the brakes and tires causing a dangerous situation that may result in loss of car control.  All our KohR Motorsports built race cars receive a rear differential vent kit.

We’ve made it easy for you by including everything you need in one kit.  The kit includes fittings, lines, and overflow breather can.

This is the same as our Club kit, but includes an overflow canister with breather.

This is the kit we use in our Grand-Am race cars!