Brembo Brake Rotors (PAIR) 14″ – 355mm x 32mm x 48 Vane FR500C Boss 302S


Brembo 14″ Brake Rotors M-1125-J

  • Item #: BRE.09.9306.23
  • Item# : BRE.09.9306.13


Pair of Brake Rotors 14″ FR500C / FR500S / Boss R / Boss S – Brembo 355mm x 32mm x 48 vane

355mm Brembo Type 3 brake rotor with standard 53.5mm annulus (rotor face).  Fits ALL Brembo 355mmx32mm standard annulus applications.

Same as Ford Racing M-1125-J

BRE.09.9306.23 Right

BRE.09.9306.13 Left