CONTROLS PACK – 2011 5.0L 4V


  • Item #: M-6017-A504V
  • Manufacturer: Ford Performance

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Take the complexity and mystery out of wiring a late model 5.0L 4V engine! Designed to run the M-6007-M50 5.0L 4 Valve crate engine. Includes PCM with Ford Racing calibration Includes Electronic Throttle Control accelerator pedal eliminates throttle cable routing problems Unique controls pack harness replaces stock body harness and is designed for streetrod installation Features OBD-II diagnostic port to assist in vehicle calibration upload and problem diagnosis Includes unique downsized power distribution module, Air box, inlet tube, MAF sensor with bolts, and EGO sensors PCM with Ford Racing calibration requires return type fuel system, will not work with returnless fuel system NOTE: Installation of this PCM in a 2011-14 Mustang GT will result in a no-start condition. See “Tip sheets” for more tech tips about E.F.I.

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