• Item #: M-9424-463V
  • Manufacturer: Ford Performance724.95


Ford Racing introduces its latest high performance intake manifold for the 2005-2010 4.6-Liter Mustang 3-valve engine. The intake is designed to compment hot cams, performance heads, added displacement, or forced induction. When used with other Ford Racing components, it can extend the RPM band and increase airflow while losing minimal torque on the bottom end. Compared to the OE manifold, the Ford Racing intake made 40 more horsepower at 6800 rpms.

The Ford Racing 3-valve intake was designed using CAD modeling technology and data from the production intake manifold ensuring it’s matched to the volumetric efficiency and unique characteristics of the 3-valve Modular engine. From the CAD model, nylon rapid prototype manufacturing was used to build numerous manifolds with varied volumes and runner lengths which were dyno-tested for power confirmation before final design sign-off.


  • Fits 2005-2010 4.6-Liter 3-Valve Mustang engines
  • In testing 320cid engine with M-9926-3V throttle body: 40hp more than OE stock intake at 6800rpm; when compared to OE manifold, M-9424-463V was within 5lbs/ft of torque throughout entire curve
  • Works well with Ford Racing’s hot rod camshafts, high performance CNC ported 3-Valve Cylinder Heads and Ford Racing throttle bodies
  • Lightweight composite construction (same material as OE intake manifold), 13lb vs. 30 lb aftermarket aluminum intakes
  • High-flow runners and open plenum design, fits under factory Mustang hood
  • Tested to 5 bar pressure – great for use with forced induction!
  • Includes intake manifold gaskets
  • Works well with Ford Racing’s M-6550-3V hot rod camshafts, M-6049-N3VPA high performance CNC ported 3V Cylinder Heads and Ford Racing’s M-9926-3V 62mm throttle body.
  • Manifold works well with forced induction
  • Designed and tested to 20+ psi
  • Less heat soak than aluminum intakes
  • High-flow runners and open plenum design, fits under factory Mustang hood.
  • MAP sensor mounting boss for speed-density applications
  • Calibration required! Calibration not included!
  • Does not fit with Ford Racing strut tower braces

NOTE: Throttle body not included.