KohR Motorsports Drivers Carbon Fiber Floor Panel – Heat Shield


  • Item #: RR-FLOOR-CF
  • Manufacturer: KohR Motorsports


Specifically designed for 2010-2014 Boss 302R and Boss 302S Mustang race cars.  Can be used on any 2005-2014 Mustang race car.

Designed to help insulate driver from heat conducted through the floor panel as well as the trans tunnel.  If you’ve ever melted the sole of your race boot, you need his part!

Adds a nice clean look to the floor pan of the car.

Extreme version includes added heat protection from a gold-foil covered underside.

Grip tape can be added for extra anti-slip for endurance drivers who need to perform a sure-footed, quick driver change.

Fits 2005-2014 Mustangs.  May require trimming to fit your specific roll cage, but it will not effect the function of the part.  Made from carbon and fiberglass with honeycomb sandwich.  Mounting rails are incorporated into the design to make installation a snap.  You just lay the floor into place and use the mounting bosses as a drill guide to drill holes through the floor pan.

A MUST for any Road Racer.