MOMO MOD.30 R1988/32S Steering Wheel


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R1988/32S Steering Wheel

The MOMO mod.88 takes all of the attributes of the best selling MOD 78, the anatomic grips, comfortable oval rim, hub adaptable, and adds a flat bottom for extra leg clearence.  Copvered in black suede, and features a MOMO horn button.  A MOMO hub is required for installation
  • Style-  GT Touring
  • Color-  Black
  • Material-  Suede
  • Spoke Finish-  Black
  • Diameter-  12.6″ (320mm)
  • Rim diameter- 1.02″ x 1.3″ (26mm x 33mm)
  • Dish-  1.46″ (37mm)