S550 Mustang Double Adjustable Coil-Over System


Longevity and Performance

Precision Chassis Control


Xtreme-Grip Coil-Over System, CorteX–JRi, Double Adjustable, 2015 Mustang S550

This is a true coilover system both front and rear featuring CorteX Proprietary valving with JRi dampers.

These struts and shocks include all the geometry advantages of our other competition struts such as the ability to fit 10.5-11 in wide from wheels and 315mm tires.  Now they are available with the advantages of JRi damper technology.

CorteX Racing has developed Mustang-specific line of coil-overs based on years of street driving and track testing. This coil-over system apply race-winning technology to your vehicle by providing precision chassis control, ride height and geometry alignment. Installation is straightforward as coil-over hardware, springs, and all mounting brackets are included. With longevity and performance as priorities, all components use high-grade materials ideal for the application with durable finishes. Damper valving has been optimized and will take you to the next level of performance.